Versace Eros Eau de Toilette

Today, I bought a new cologne from David Jones. I decided to stick with the Versace range and ended up choosing Eros, the newest fragrance for men by Versace.

Named after the Greek God of Love and son of Aphrodite, Eros is inspired by and greatly influenced by Greek mythology.

The fragrance is stunning and lasts for hours. Including mint oil combined with green apple and Italian lemon, Eros is extremely refreshing with a slight oriental flavour.

Encased in a beautifully designed turquoise glass bottle, Eros is available as 50ml or 100ml from Versace boutiques and select David Jones and MYER stores in Australia.

50ml  $85, 100ml  $105

The Bling Ring (2013) starring Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga, Katie Chang, and Israel Broussard. Directed by Sofia Coppola.

"I thought they were my friends" says self-obsessed, rich bitch Nicki (played by the wonderful Emma Watson), in an interview after her very public arrest with fellow partners in crime Rebecca (Katie Chang), Marc (Israel Broussard), Chloe (Claire Julien), Rob (Carlos Miranda) and Ricky (Gavin Rossdale). Her sister, Sam (Taissa Farmiga), luckily avoids arrest by not having been caught on camera.

Perhaps some background is now needed. Based on true events taken place in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles reported by Vanity Fair in the article, "The Suspects Wore Louboutins",  The Bling Ring shows us the life of a gang of fame and brand-obsessed drop-out teenagers who find their calling in robbing their favourite celebrities’ homes. Every story has a beginning however, and this beginning starts off with self-conscious and vulnerable Marc, soon befriended by the shallow, fame-obsessed Rebecca who after stealing from a street of unlocked cars, convinces Marc to go all the way with household burglary. First victim: Marc’s wealthy out-of-town acquaintance. 

And so it begins. With each robbery, the pair of thieves get cockier, moving on to bigger and better houses, and eventually the mansions of Hollywood celebrities. Along the way, they are joined by sisters Nicki and Sam Moore, and friend, Chloe. What they steal, they wear, and what they don’t want, they sell. They don’t quit while they’re ahead, however, with their celebrity victims soon getting the better of them. Security footage is taken and released, and soon enough, the Bling Ring find themselves in the custody of the Los Angeles police department.

The director of the Bling Ring (Sofia Coppola) does an excellent job in portraying the lives of these young criminals. Her directorial choices throughout the film give it a special quality that not many films have. She has given The Bling Ring a persona, something that is instantly recognisable. She has made this into not just a film, but a documentary outlining the negative implications of fame-hungry teenagers.

Broussard does an excellent job in portraying vulnerable teenager Marc who really just wants a friend who cares about him. Likewise, Watson, Farmiga, Chang, and Julien fully embody their self-obsessed characters with Chang’s cold-hearted, backstabbing personality particularly icy horrible. The ensemble work well together and their on-screen chemistry is palpable.

A great film with a great soundtrack (including the likes of M.I.A, Frank Ocean, Rye Rye, and Sleigh Bells), The Bling Ring greatly encapsulates the story behind the infamous robberies of celebrities Paris Hilton (did I mention she lent out her home for filming - it’s very pink), Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, Lindsey Lohan and more. There were some areas that could have been improved, some script choices that could have been more elaborate and better planned, but overall, it was an excellent film worth the hour and a half it took to watch it.

4 stars - The Bling Ring (2013) by Sofia Coppola


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